SCD Documentation
this page gives you a guideline to use the features of the SCD plugin. it contains the following sections:

Table of Contents

SCD Widget

SCD comes with an optional end users widgets that you can include on your store pages to allow your customers to manually select the currency in which they want to view the product prices. The use of the SCD widget is optional and it allows several ways of activation.

you can download the documentation or watch the tutorials below to see how to enable scd widget.

SCD Muti-Gateways Payment

SCD is compatible with a several payment gateways and allow a wide variety of payment methods. From the main means of payment like visa, mastercard, stripe or even paypal to the means of payment diffused in countries outside of the western world, such as payumoney, square, American Express. We also accept new generation means of payment such as bitcoin, google pay, apple pay, Alipay, PayZen, or CardCom.

 The payment will be make in the local currency of the customer if it is supported by the payment gateways.

you can download the documentation or watch the tutorials below to see how to enable SCD Multi-Gateways Payment.

SCD - Customize Currency Format And Exchange Rate

SCD allows you to manually specify the exchange rate to use between the default currency of your store and another currency, the additional percentage to apply in addition to the exchange rate or to customize the currency symbol to display for a currency as well as the choice of its format and position.

On the WordPress admin dashboard go to Woocommerce > SCD currencies > General settings and then enable Customize currency options and exchange rates.

Manual currency options allows you to add each currency for which you want to manually specify the exchange rate, a percentage based price increase, or the display format. For currencies not included in the table, the normal exchange rate and default display format will be used. The bellow picture shows you an example.

you can download the documentation or watch the tutorial below to see how to customize currency format and exchange rate.

One of the functionalities of our plugin is the ability to allow the user who visits your site to choose himself where to position the widget which allows to select the currency with which to make the purchase. this video shows you how to enable this feature.