SCD For Woocommerce Marketplace
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 SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Premium Variant – For Woocommerce Marketplace 1 Domain

SCD for WC Marketplace is a variant of SCD, compatible   Woocommerce_Product_Vendors Marketplace. It  has been designed to allow any supplier of a Woocommerce booking platform, having Woocommerce Product Vendors as marketplace, to Choose a base currency and display the value of products and services in this currency. Thus, the

services offered by each seller are presented in their base currency. So, let two sellers x and Y respectively offer services A and B, having it as their
respective base currencies, the pound sterling (GBP = £) and the euro (EUR = €). Service A is visible in (GBP = £) and service B in (EUR = €) on the store
and this will not change if add to cart services are offered by the same provider. 

In addition, for each product,Purchasing this product gives you an activation license key valid for  1 domain website. 

The use of this variant of scd requires first to have installed the free variant of scd available on wordpress which you can download under this link Smart-currency-detector. As soon as these three complementary plugins are   ü  WooCommerce, ü  WooCommerce Product Vendors,  Scd_for_WooCommerce Booking.   installed in your store, you have the bunch of features below. 

When you are using this product on Woocommerce Product Vendor Marketplace, find on the table below exactly what are the three scenarios possibles.

1) Prerequisites

To use this plugin, it is necessaryto see mandatory to have a minimum of the following plugins and tools:

        ü  WordPress 4.4 or higher;

        ü  WooCommerce 5.0.0 or higher;

        ü  WooCommerce Product Vendors 2.1.51 or higher;

        ü  Scd_smart_currency_detector;

        ü  Scd_for_WooCommerce Booking.

2) Installing & activating SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Premium Variant – For WC_Marketplace.
3) SCD License Key  Activation

After you have finished installing and activating the plugin you must activate your product license key as shown in the picture below.

As an Vendor  administrator or Vendor manager, you have a bunch of features you can set in your store through SCD Currency under menu of your dashboard. The settings you can make in your store are shown below.

1- Select type form for choice and saving currency

2-Creation of  Booking Product

3-Edition of bookings product

Here, you must ensure when opening the edit page that, the values previously entered by the user are indeed those

4-Presentation of list of products created by a vendor manager or administrator


1.    Visualization of products in different creative currencies on the shop page.


Here, we observe two fields that display the prices of the products, the first in the Woocommerce base currency of the
platform, and the second,  its equivalent in the product creation currency.

2. Viewing of a Product page by a customer

Check the correct display of prices and currencies in the both fields

2.    Sending a product to the cart when no currency has been chosen

Once in the basket, when no currency has been selected by the customer beforehand, the vendor’s currency is kept. Likewise
for the validation of the purchase and the receive order.