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 SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Premium Variant – For WCMP 2-5 Domains

is a variant of SCD, compatible with  WCMP. It allows the administrator and  vendors, respectively, to set the prices of products and services in the most comfortable currency of their choice respectively. Likewise, any customer who visits your website will be able to see the products automatically converted into their currency or according to the currency he has chosen thanks to the variety of currency selection widgets offered by SCD, so they can carry out the entire process of purchase in the currency that he deems more comfortable for him.

Purchasing this product gives you an activation license key valid for  2-5 domains websites. 

The use of this variant of scd requires first to have installed the free variant of scd available on wordpress which you can download under this link Smart-currency-detector. As soon as these two complementary plugins are installed in your store, you have the bunch of features below. 

End to End currency conversion

allow user to shop, checkout and pay in his local currency


Use geolocation to detect customer location and select the currency based on the location

Automatic conversion

of product prices to the local currency of the customer and display prices to the customer in its local currency

Earn Money

Shop owner can manually define an additional percentage to apply on top of the conversion rate

Vendor can set

a custom price by currency for an individual product(eg set product price in Euro to 30 Euros and in US dollars to 50

Uses caching

of conversion rates to improve performance and reduce latency in environment with slow internet connections

User end Widget

Available currency selection widget that can be placed anywhere in the site

set manual currency

Shop owner can manually set the rate to use for any currency


Multi-language support (currently FR and ENG, to be extended)

Extend vendor dashboard

to allow each vendor to define the default currency in which they want to enter their product prices

Allow vendors

to enter their product prices in their default currency, not the base currency of the marketplace site

Admin can

set currency rates in the Marketplace

When you are used this product on WCMP Marketplace, find on the table below exactly what the administrator, the vendor, and the buyers should have as features and changes in the store.

1) Prerequisites
  • install woocommerce extension to create an online store
  • install Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce – WC Marketplace

  • install SCD Smart Currency Detector free variant
2) Installing & activating SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Premium Variant – For WCMP.
3) SCD License Key  Activation

After you have finished installing and activating the plugin you must activate your product license key as shown in the picture below.

As an administrator, you have a bunch of features you can set in your store through SCD Settings under Woocommerce menu in the admin dashboard. There are two mains tabs (General Settings and Currencies Settings). The settings you can make in your store are shown below.

1- General Settings



a) Enable multiple currencies payment

When this setting is enabled: Checkout, payment, and order will be made in the selected currency using the converted product prices, for supported payments methods.

When this setting is disabled: SCD will convert the product prices displayed on the shop and product pages; however, all payments will be made in the base currency using the unconverted product prices.

Note: base currency refers to the shop currency set in the WooCommerce setting. Supported Payments methods compatible with SCD are Paypal standard, Paypal Express Checkout, PayUMoney, Stripe, Payzen, Cardcom, Mangopay, Mercadopago, ipay-ghana-wc-payment, Direct bank Transfert, cash on delivery.

On the screenshot below, you have an example.



b) Update intervals

This setting indicates the intervals for automatic updates of the currency exchange rates. The interval can be specified in hours or days.

c) Customize currency options and exchange rates

This setting allows you to change the default options for a currency. It allows you to manually specify the exchange rate to use for a currency, the additional percentage to apply on top of the exchange rate, or the currency symbol to display for the currency. The picture below shows you an example.



d) Delete settings when the plugin is uninstalled

This setting indicates if the plugin data and plugin settings should be completely deleted when the plugin in uninstalled. The default value is to delete all data. If you want to be able to reinstall the plugin and recover all your settings, uncheck this setting.

2- Currencies settings



e) Select currency based on user location

This setting enables the use of geolocation to determine the currency to use for a customer.

f) Filter currencies enabled for your store

This setting allows you to restrict the set of currencies that are allowed for your customers and store vendors.

g) Default/Fallback store currency

This setting specifies the default currency to use for your store.

h) Enable decimal numbers display

This setting enables the use of decimal numbers in price displays. If enabled you can use the setting “Number of decimals” to indicate the number of decimals to display.

i) Display the currency menu

This setting allows you to display in an active menu of your theme a currency widget that allows the customer to choose the comfortable currency to make purchases. You have the possibility to set the menu title, position inside the menu, and the theme menu location.



j) Enable mobile currency conversion widget

This setting allows you to use a mobile currency conversion widget that you have the possibility to move on anywhere on your website. You can choose the color style of the widget to adapt it to your theme color, also you can decide to activate a pop-up alert.



As an administrator, you have several options to activate a currency conversion widget on your site. you are free to use the scd_widget shortcode to place the widget wherever you want in your store. for more details please consult this documentation SCD_widget_pdf.

Woocommerce compatibility with SCD


without any usage of others plugins to extend woocommerce feature, all types of products (simple, variable, Grouped, affiliate) you can creates including tax, shippings, coupons and others services offer by wocommerce will be viewed in the shop in customer’s country currency if you enable SCD setting “Select currency based on user location”. on the other hand customer can use the SCD currency widget to view all products and services prices in his desirable currency.

Other admin capability with SCD : set custom price per currency for a simple product


SCD allows you set a custom price of a product for a given currency. For instance a product can be set to a price in US Dollars of 100 USD and a price in Euros of 150 EUR. A customer shopping from the USA will see the product price as 100 USD; a customer from the euro zone will see the same product at 150 EUR.

When a custom price by currency is set for a product, SCD uses directly the custom price set by the vendor instead of converting the base currency price.

Note : This feature is working now only with simples products, we will extends it to other type of products in the futur.

To set a custom price by currency for a product:

  • In the wordpress dashboard, open the Edit Product page for the product to edit
  • Locate the rectangle “SCD – Set Currency per Product” in the Edit Product page and click inside the textbox to select the currency for which you want to specify a custom price


  • Enter the custom prices (regular price and sale price if applicable) in the two textboxes added by SCD below the tax information


Vendor can set his default currency of his store. Default currency means the currency set by a vendor on his store through SCD currency setting inside WCMP menu dashboard to create products and which can be a different currency defined by the administrator of the marketplace. The currencies pool of the vendor’s choice is defined by the administrator. For example The administrator can decide from his admin dashboard to authorize only 5 currencies at the vendor’s choice.




After choosing his default currency, the seller has the bellow capabilities:

  1. Create, view, and edit simple products
  2. Create, view, and edit variable products

 For Example we have choose GBP(£) as default currency of a vendor to show two videos on how it is work.

a) create  simple product



b) create variable product



All products create in the vendors stores are viewed in the admin dashboard in the currency that the administrator set for the woocommerce. For example if a vendor set products prices in GBP(£), another vendor set products prices in AUD($), the equivalence of all these products will be view on the admin dashbord in USD($) if the admin’s woocommerce store currency is USD($). At the end, the customer will see the equilavance of all these products in the shop in EUR(€) for example if it is the desirable currency of the customer or if it is the currency of the country which the customer is located in case of automatically currency conversion by geolocation.





when a customer connects to the store, the prices of products and services are automatically converted to their local currency. The customer can also view the prices of products and services in the desired currency by using the SCD currency conversion widget.




The customer can follow the entire purchase process in his desired currency if and only if the administrator allows currency conversion at checkout and payment on the one hand. on the other hand, this requires that the payment methods used in the store are compatible with SCD. Please have a look at the administrator description to get more information about SCD Settings.

Tax, shipping fees, coupons, and so on are also converted in the customer’s desirable currency.

orders and emails invoices are issued with the currency the customer made the purchase.

Screenshots examples of end2end product purchase in customer’s desirable currency. The images describe the purchase process of a New Zealander customer from Paris in a shop of a British seller. The customer automatically sees the prices of products in EUR(€), the currency in which is done the purchase but he can also use the SCD currency conversion widget to make its purchase in NZD($).


a) in the product page




b) In the cart page




c) In the checkout page




d) orders received





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2-5 Domains

  1. alias-lina

    It’s the best plugin for multi-currencies and multivendor sites!
    I had a problem with my version and their team took my request very seriously and they fixed it immediately.
    We were on continuous communication for the final product until the final and fully functional version of the product.
    The team is very polite, friendly, and willing to collaborate for a better result!
    Great support! Thank you again GaJeLabs!

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