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GTC (Global Tax Calculation) named WooCommerce Multi- Vendor Add-ON is a solution to automatically manage product taxes and shipping taxe in your multiseller e-commerce site. To use this plugin, it is necessary to have a minimum of the following plugins and tools:
  1. WordPress 4.4 or higher
  2. Woocommerce
  3. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label 4.7.5 or higher
  4. PHP version 5.3.0 or higher.
However, it is possible to use a tax calculation API to automatically manage the tax calculation. To download this plugin, go to this link:…/. All the features described in this document refer to the premium version of our plugin. For any questions regarding our plugin, please write to the following address: Our support team is available around the clock and can assist you in real time in several languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Italian, German)

Features of GTC

Main Feature:

    • handle product taxes = Automatically calculate product taxes (Automatic apply tax to products)
    • handle shipping taxes = Automatically calculate shipping taxes (Automatic show the appropiate shipping cost to products)
    • handle landed cost = Automatically calculate landedCoast (Automatic show the appropiate duty tax to products)

Optional feature:

  • Manual setting ( Define your own tax calculation rules directly in the Dashboard Admin ).
  • Automatic setting ( Connect GTC to your prefered setting handling taxes or setting handling shipping APIs to manage taxes in your store).
  • Choose your default source address (stores, products adddress or another address) to calculate taxes in your store.


Installation process

The BMS extension can be installed automatically or manually. The installation processes for this extension are as follows:

  • Automatic installationAutomatic installation is the easiest option because WordPress handles the file transfers itself and we don’t need to exit our browser. The steps for automatic installation of GTC are as follows:
  •  Connect to the WordPress administration interface
  • Navigate in the extension menu and click on” add a new “, in the search field,
  • Type in ‘Global Tax Calculation’ and click on ‘Search for Plugins’. Once we find our plugin or extension, we can see the details of it such as its version, trial version and description. The most important thing is that we can install it just by clicking on “Install now”.This installation method is used when the extension is already marketed online or is present in the WordPress repository.

Manual installation

The manual installation process is as follows:

  • Unzip the folder and download it to the plugins folder (/ wp-content / plugins /) overwriting old versions if they exist. This method is used when we already have on our machine, the folder containing our extension.Once the extension is installed, it must be activated in order to benefit from its functionality. This activation is done at the level of the WordPress administration interface.
GTC compatibility

The GTC plugin works under the WooCommerce plugin. It is compatible with the woocommerce plugin and the main plugins on the market: wc vendors,….It is compatible with the most important plugins on the market and almost all themes, including other WooCommerce add-ons:

  • SCD-Smart currency Detector, to manage currency conversion in a very intelligent way in our market. (
  • WooCommerce Plugins by PluginHive, Which offers a full set of features and provide an end-to-end solution in areas of WooCommerce Shipping and WooCommerce Bookings (
    • WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label, that helps you completely automate FedEx shipping.(
    • WooCommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips, For easier customization and Proforma Invoices, Refunds/Credit Notes, static file attachments and other. (
    • ELEX WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes, For Bulk Edit Products Plugin. (
    • Easypost, The complete shipping solution. (
    • Easyship, Powerful Shipping Software to Save Money (
  • AvaTax, for Sales Tax (
  • We recommend that you consult the themes compatible with our plugin, the woocommerce addons. If any of these are not compatible with our plugin, you can write to this address: so that we can do a custom implementation. that helps you completely automate Shipping coast or product tax with any APIs or plugins you use.

    GTC configuration

    process in woocommerce After installation and activation, it is necessary to configure the extension
    • General configuration

    parameters Once the extension is installed and activated, it adds configuration fields in the configuration interface of WooCommerce Avatax and Fedex shipping with print Label to allow you to choose under the base of which addresses must be calculated taxes or shipping costs expedition.


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