GaJeLabs is a software company pursuing the following mission: provide to eCommerce platforms the possibility to sell their products worldwide, according to the specific countries regulations. This includes selling in foreign currencies, handling buyers payment methods, taxes, shipping, duties, tracking, delivery, third party(delivery companies, world best taxing company) integration, dashboard view extensions, tax return, accounting, billing, saving money, making additional cash, optimal vendors handling, and more. Around this flexible, modular, overall experience, we offer outsourcing and customization services, including high quality, cheap, eCommerce platforms ready-to-use, plus premium services around.

Our Product Overview

We support with diverse activities to optimize your website performance (Platform Migration, Testing, server configuration…)
We offer a pre configured and adjustable platform with poweful features and plugins, that can be applied on multiple end devices.
You are able to choose the best payment for your own needs out a wide range of payment methods that we offer

Our team is always ready to
advise you by phone, mail or
chat.Multilanguage Support:English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

Our products and solutions can be applied on classical websites as well as on social media platfroms
Our Plugin is compatible with 4 different marketplaces(Dokan,Wcfm,WC Vendors and Yith) and can be available for 1, 2-5 or unlimited domains.
In order to use our plugin, the first step is to download the free version. Indeed, it must be installed in your store in addition to the variant that suits your business

Fall in live with our features

Here are some of the main features of our plugin. We strongly advise you to download our documentation in order to have a complete vision

vendor can add products

Thanks to scd, on wcfm, dokan, wc vendros, wcmp, a vendor can definehis default currency, and add the products according to his currency.

Currency Fluctuation

scd is a stable solution to the uncertainty associated with currency conversion in our dashboard with currency conversion in our dashboard you defIne fixed rates between currencies yourself

Marketplace Admin

Marketplace admin can define the currency for his commisions. it can be different from the vendor's default currency

Front-End Widget

5types of widgets when activated, they allow the user to choose the currency with which to make the payment. it is possible to personalize the widget: modify the color so that it suits your site. one of these widgets is mobile the user himself can position it where he wants while brownsing your site.

Assign products to vendor's store

on wcfm the admin can create products using the currency defined b he vendor ans assign them to his store if he has many vendors, he can repeat this operation as many times as necessary

Easy Money with SCD

you can manually set the conversion rate to use between 2 specific currenties, including an additionnal margin , or set a dedicated products price in a specific currency. But not only that!

End 2 end currency conversion

Allow User to shop checkout and pay in his local currency


Use Geolocation to detect customer location and display the currency based on location

Uses Caching

of conversion rates to improve performance and reduce latency in environment with slow internet connection

Multi-language Support

We provide a 24/7 support in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French and the list is to be extended

Set Manual currency Conversion

The shop owner can set manually the currencies rates between the shop base currency and any other currency

Vendor can set

a Custom price per currency for an individual product (Set a product price in euro to 30 euros and to 50 dollars in dollar. )

Earn Money

Shop owner can manually define an additional percentage to apply on top of the percentage rate

End-User Widget

There are 5 types of widgets to choose from. Some can be integrated by short codes and others can be positioned by the user himself during his navigation (mobile widgets)

Our Premium Partners

Some of the technologies we use

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