SCD Smart currency detector: The most feature rich woocommerce currency converter plugin for wordpress

SCD is the new woocommerce currency switcher plugin developped by GajeLabs, It particualrity is the fact that it’s compatible with most important woocommerce marketplace plugin like dokan, wcfm, wc vendors, wcmp,…it differs from others by some specific features like switching your marketplace from single base currency to multibases currencies,…

We Highlight Some Outstanding Features Of Scd

Make your site multibases currencies

SCD allow you to give the possibility to yours vendors to set their default currency. So if you have vendors from differents countries this feature will facilitate them the registering of their products.

Manual Currency Options

Add each currency for which you want to manually specify the exchange rate, a percentage based price increase, or the display format. For currencies not included in the table, the normal exchange rate and default display format will be used

End User Widget

SCD comes with an optional currency selection widget that you can include on your store pages to allow your customers to manually select the currency in which they want to view the product prices. The widget provides a drop-down list from which the end users can pick the currency.

Integration With Marketplace Plugins

SCD is an advanced plugin that can give you very powerful features such as the integration with major multi vendor plugins for woocommerce like Dokan, WC Vendors,WCMP,WCFM Marketplace,Yith [Note: this feature is only available in the SCD multi-vendors variantproduct]

Go To Our Demo Site And Simulation Portal

With the SCD simulation portal you can see how your web site looks (in particular how prices are displayed) when the site is accessed by a customer located in a different country. click here to access the simulation portal

Quick view of differents variants



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