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We offer an end-to-end service throughout the purchasing process in an ecommerce single vendor or multi-vendor site. First we have our plugin,SCD ( by clicking here, you can download the documentation ) which helps manage the challenges of converting currencies with visitors on your site, and also between admin and vendors in multi-vendor sites. We offer our payment method, called Gajelabspay, which allows automatic transfers between vendor and admin.Both receive the money in their respective currencies and without additional costs. After the purchase, We also allow you to calculate taxes, duties, shipping and delivery.

SCD(Smart currency detector)

Our end2end solution for currency handling ,detection, conversion, compatibility to payment methods, themes, other plugins, marketplaces(dokan, wcfm, wc vendors, wcmp, yith).View SCD related products on our product page

Gajelabs Shipping

Our solution for shipping, taxes, taxes return, invoicing, accounting, duties, delivery shipping insurance


Our solution for split payment, connection to banking accounts, handling multi device banking account like TransferWise subscription based payments. Write us here to test gajelabspay.

Gajelabs SMB

Our end2end e-commerce platform solution for small and midsizes Startups at the very early phase with small budget

Gajelabs Corporate

Our end2end e-commerce platform solution for bigger businesses


Our solution for Facebook stores and campaigns in terms of handling of several currencies


We are now compatible to Shopify. Take a sneak preview Othet platforms coming next 


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The first step: download the free version.

Before using the variant of our plugin that suits your requirements, you must download the free version from wordpress. It is mandatory. Indeed, the free version must be installed on your site in addition to the variant that you will choose on this site

Some of the technologies we use

Our Premium Partners

Customize our plugin according to your requirements

Our plugin has the most advanced features on the market, regarding currency conversion for single vendor shops as well as multivendors. However, just with an email to our support team:, we can tailor our product to exactly match what you have in mind for your business.

Strong compatibility

Our plugin is compatible with the most important marketplace plugins , more than 100 payment gateways and almost all themes Including further WooCommerce addons and shopify plugins.It is hard to imagine yours not being in these big lists 🙂. Check that your theme, payment gateway are compatible with our plugin. However, if this is not the case, contact our support team who will take care of implementing this compatibility.

Price per currency

The same product will have a different price in Euro, in dollars, in Indian rupee, in Brazilian rais ...

Currency Mapping

If you sell worldwide, you can do currency mapping.A price adapted to the geolocation of the user at the global level

Set Conversion rate

You can set a specific conversion rate between 2 currencies.this can allow us to avoid fluctuations and also to

Add commission

You can add a commission in addition to manually setting the interest rate between currencies. This commission could make you earn money.

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Set Manual currency Conversion

The shop owner can set manually the currencies rates between the shop base currency and any other currency

Vendor can set

a Custom price per currency for an individual product (Set a product price in euro to 30 euros and to 50 dollars in dollar. )

Earn Money

Shop owner can manually define an additional percentage to apply on top of the percentage rate

End-User Widget

There are 5 types of widgets to choose from. Some can be integrated by short codes and others can be positioned by the user himself during his navigation (mobile widgets)

End 2 end currency conversion

Allow User to shop checkout and pay in his local currency


Use Geolocation to detect customer location and display the currency based on location

Uses Caching

of conversion rates to improve performance and reduce latency in environment with slow internet connection

Multi-language Support

We provide a 24/7 support in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French and the list is to be extended