Activation Mail

Thank you for installing the free variant of our end2end currencies handler plugin SCD. Please read this notice before start.

That is definitively the right choice, and we can truthfully tell you that we don’t know any better similar product in the market right now.

This email intends to give you some headlines so that you can better dive in.

This free variant is free for lifetime. No license is required.

This variant intends to show you that SCD is a product you can trust for your business.

Therefor only 3 currencies (Euro/EUR, Australia Dollar/AUD, India Rupee/INR) are available there, additionally to the default currency.

The premium variant has the whole bunch of currencies available worldwide.

Using these 3 currencies you can experience the end2end process. Currency detection, cart, payment, notification, billing, delivery. Also Plugins and themes compatibility.

For every product, you can manually specify the price in each of these 3 currencies.

You’ll see within our plugins dashboard. However not released for this version.

Just open this link . Please be aware that if you install the premium variant, you shall keep this free variant installed and activated too!

We also have a simulator site where you can check, after installing our plugin, how your website behaves once called from whatever country. Here the link .

  -> For instance just go there and check live if our currency conversion works for somebody calling your site from the USA.

Next, find under this link our plugins documentation .

Here you have a detailed summary video about our plugin .

PS keep in mind that you can increase your incomes using our plugin .

Our plugin under woocommerce is compatible to Dokan Wcfm WC Vendor Wcmp Yith , plus further add-ons, plugins, themes. Check here to see the whole list .

Our plugin is compatible to shopify too.

By any need feel free to send us a WhatsApp or direct call under  0049 176 63639750  or a Skype message to our account name “gajelabs” or an email under .

Under our Instagram account, we will soon present the social background behind what we do.

Thanks for your attention.

We make it happen!

Kind regards,

The Gajelabs Team.