Who We Are.

Gajelabs is a company born in Germany in 2015. The objective was to create plugins for wordpress and other CMS. Our company has focused on creating robust solutions related to currency conversion. SCD was born from this requirement:Create a stable solution that works on ecommerce sites and that allows the site visitor to be able to choose which currency to pay with and the site owner to have the income in his currency. Our plugin is focused on multi-vendor sites because we have created many properties for vendors and admins.Our solution is end-to-end, because it supports the customer’s journey as soon as he or she lands on the site (price display), during check-out ((our means of payment called our payment tool (Gajelabspay)). After the purchase, our solution is also present. In fact, we have a tax calculation solution (GTC), a solution for the calculation of shipping costs. We are present until physical delivery of the product to the buyer’s home.

They entrusted us with their projects

Company executives

Gaetan Ouandja

CEO Gajelabs Germany

Arnaud Tsala

CEO Gajelabs Cameroon